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Amanda Evans Denver Family Photographer

Hey there! I'm Amanda.

Mom to four hilarious, energetic, REAL kids - whose antics fuel my passion for capturing as much of it all as I can - both for my own crew and for my amazing clients.


Originally from the Pacific Northwest, my family and I have fallen in love with Colorado!  And although I'm not much of a camper - I'm happy to get sweaty and dirty exploring all of the amazing places CO has to offer - so long as I can shower and eat delicious food at the end of the day.


I believe there is no greater combination than dark chocolate and peanut butter, cannot deny the baffling convenience of a minivan, and usually have my next travel destination picked out and well-researched.


I'm learning all too quickly that wrinkly newborn toes don't last.  Nor do most of those toddler curls.  Even teenagers don't keep.  Let's make sure you have lasting images to remember the busy, funny, crazy magic of it all.

And we can't forget about YOU!  Not only do you want great images of your kids, but they want to see that you were there too.

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