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Old Town Littleton Senior Photo Session . Littleton Senior Photographer

One of the highlights of being a photographer in a new state is that it forces you to hurry and get to know local spots so that you've got a ready list of shooting locations. It also means my family goes few places without me making a mental list, and sometimes a physical detour, noting the best photo spots. Early on, I came to love the cute streets of downtown Littleton - there are charming restaurants and storefronts - and some great spots for treats! I loved pairing these fave downtown areas with a local garden for this recent Senior shoot!

This Senior lady was an absolute delight to work with, she and her mom drove down to Littleton from Aurora to shoot at these great spots. Can you believe that she told me when we first met that she really wasn't good at photos. Pshhhh! No way. With a little direction and some dreamy light, we created these gorgeous images! I loved spending our session hearing about her big plans and am so excited for what post-high school life has in store for her.


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