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Generational Family Session at Roxborough State Park . Highlands Ranch Family Photographer

Generational family photo sessions are such a treasure! We try to wrangle our own extended family for photos most Summers - it's a bit of work getting everyone prepped and coordinated (I can help you here), but so, so worth it. And it's such a gift, both to you and your kids (and grandkids)! I especially love getting photos of grandchildren and their grandparents together. This was a big priority for me and my own family this year and my parents are planning to send my teenage daughter a big picture of the three of them together to hang in her high school locker next year!

This extended family photo session was especially memorable - the week of Thanksgiving was FREEZING! And we shot in 20 degree weather. But I will say, Roxborough State Park looks GORGEOUS all dusted in white. These guys had great attitudes about it all; not to mention their outfits were perfect. We were well-organized with our groupings and the Visitor's Center was open so small groups could run inside to warm up for a bit in between groupings.

Don't be intimidated by the organization of preparing for a generational photo session - just think of it as a few mini sessions all in one! You get you big family groups shots, but then every individual family gets their own little set of their own photos. Everyone wins! Are you convinced yet? Book your generational photo session here.


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