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One Year Old Portraits and Outdoor Cake Smash (Part Two: The Smash) . Mukilteo, WA

First birthdays are B-I-G. Big. Not just for babies, but parents too. Sort of a rite of passage for the whole family - they've made it all the way from delivery and homecoming through an entire year of baby life; helpless newborn to curious toddler. Many one year olds celebrate another milestone on this special birthday: first cake.

Celebrating with this sweet little lady was a joy. Her mom and I coordinated over the weeks leading up to her session so that everything from bunting to outfit to frosting all came together perfectly. We split an hour-long session right in half to do both portraits (see previous post) and a cake smash and this girl knew what she was doing. Dessert-lovers are my kind of people. Toddlers included.

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