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First Birthday Family Session and Cake Smash . Denver Family Photographer

This darling family was having a very unlucky day when I met them! They had driven an hour up to a photo studio in Denver, armed with a smash cake and decorations, only to learn that their previously scheduled photographer had canceled on them. We made a quick plan to get in touch after I shot my own studio session, and then ended up shooting a sweet little in-home (my home!) family session and cake smash.

After my family and I hustled to clean up a bit (two words: LAUNDRY EVERYWHERE), it was smooth sailing from there. Despite extra time in the car and a stressful morning, these three were easygoing and wonderful for their first birthday family session. I love that we got to do both a set of family photos, as well as their daughter's sweet cake smash.

I'm a total believer that that first birthday is a milestone for the parents, as much as it is for kiddos. Ready for your own set of first birthday photos? Let's chat!


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