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Family of Four: In Home Newborn Session . Marysville, Wa

That newborn baby smell! Swoon. Oh my goodness, is there anything better than those fresh-from-heaven babies?! It's so easy to forget how tiny newborns and their sweet little features are - their wrinkly toes, the peach fuzz on their shoulders, tiny noses, smooshed ears, baby lips. I could go on and on. Brand new babies are changing weekly, maybe even daily. Which is why newborn photography is so important, because no matter how many times you swear to yourself that you'll never forget those little features, it happens. But photographs can, and do, help. Big time. I believe that newborn photography should be beautiful (duh.) and natural and personal. In-home sessions make that easy - fresh babies and their new family can be photographed in the setting where they're actually making those first memories together.

Working with this family of four was a joy! I had worked with them on a session to announce their pregnancy in the Fall (check it out here!) and couldn't wait to see them again! Both of their daugthers are so sweet and I can't wait to see them grow into best friend sisters (they're just 20 months apart!). Thanks for including me at this special time as your Seattle area newborn photographer!

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