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Senior Guy Photo Session: Eagle Scout and a Tux at the Beach . Shoreline, WA

Senior guys get such a bad rap! I remember listening to another senior photographer say that she only puts images of senior girls on her website in hopes that she can avoid working with senior guys! This senior and I had such an awesome session together; he was super easy to work with and totally flexible when things didn't quite go according to plan - his tie got left on the table at home, but he managed to find his band bow tie at the bottom of his suit bag and so we just went for it! Turns out those are some of my most favorite shots of all!

In addition to completing his last year of high school, this senior is completing his work to become an Eagle Scout. It was so perfect to incorporate that piece of his life into his senior session. Can't wait to see what life has in store for this awesome 2018 high school senior! Such a privilege to be your Seattle area (now Portland area) senior photographer!

And if you're interested in checking out another Eagle Scout session check out this one from last year: EAGLE SCOUT SESSION!

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