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Family of Four Session: Summer Evening at the Beach . Mukilteo, WA

There's something so magical about a Summer evening at the beach! And paired with this sweet, kind family, it was almost too much. Almost. I love the chance to work with families who are a little ahead of mine on the spectrum - it's such a fun little sneak peek of what's to come after the toddler tornado phase. And man, this family makes it look so fun!

Such a treat to watch them laugh together, poke a little fun, and just hang out. They're getting ready to send the oldest to college, and a family photo session was such a smart way to capture a little slice of their life during this big milestone. Loved the chance to be your family photographer!

#familyphotographer #familyphotography #portland #seattle #seniorphotographer #familywithteenagers #tweenphotographer

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