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Seattle Family + Environmental Headshot Session . Oregon and Washington Photographer

Are you wondering what the heck an "environmental headshot" is?!? It's a weird term, and I've scoured the web and scratched my head to come up with something better, but there's nothing more concise out there. An environmental headshot means a headshot that's not shot in a studio, but rather outdoors or on location in your work environment. These are perfect for both corporate and creative professionals who don't want a stuffy looking photo. And honestly, they're really the way to go these days when you want that balance between looking both professional and relatable to your current and potential clients.

This professional, relatable (not to mention SUUUPER FUN) mom, got in touch with me about updating her headshots and I was so excited to work with her! I also told her that we may as well shoot a family session in conjunction with her headshots (I mean if you're going to go through all that effort of getting yourself ready, why not throw the kids in?!). So glad we went for the full session, because we had the best time, AMAAAZING Seattle weather, and oh yeah, we got some REALLY beautiful images.

And, to top it off, we shot at one of her favorite Seattle spots, Olympic Sculpture Park. I love when my clients choose a location that is meaningful to them! (I'm coming back for you in June, Seattle! The 14-16th and still have spots available!)

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