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Sherwood LDS Missionary Session . Portland Oregon Senior Photographer

Most of my personal life, and a good chunk of my professional life, is spent chasing toddlers. Which I love, don't get me wrong, but the chance to mix things up and work with clients who are up for a little more posing and a little less Rescue Bots theme song, is like a breath of fresh air. Working with this guy was awesome - he's a natural in front of the camera, and was fun to hang out and chat with.

He's headed on a 2 year Mormon mission to Chile, and I'm so excited for the adventures ahead for him! Best wishes Elder!

** Currently booking class of 2019 HS Seniors ** If there's a Senior in your family get in on my EARLY BIRD SENIOR DISCOUNT and receive 10% off when you book the session before the last day of school. (June 15th). Early Bird Senior sessions must be shot before July 31st.

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