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Sherwood In Home Newborn Session . Portland Oregon Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Maybe it's that newborn smell, or the tiny toes and fingers, the little squeaks and squawks and hiccups; the yawns (DO. NOT. EVEN. get me started on baby yawns), but I am head-over-heels for photographing teensy little babies. Throw in a pair of fresh new parents, a sweet nursery, and I'm over the moon.

I have three (soon to be four - eek!) little people of my own and can tell you that every. single. year. those baby photos become more and more special. As much as I told myself that I would never be able to forget the way their hair swirled or the way their long, skinny fingers held mine, or their perfect little lips that kept moving even once they were done nursing - it happens. Way too easily, it happens.

Even if your home is less than dreamy, your baby and the way you feel about them IS and deserves to be documented. So, if it feels like scheduling photos is falling to the bottom of an endless list of things to do as you prepare for your new arrival, make it a priority and GET IT DONE! Cross my heart, you will not regret it.

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