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Lake Oswego Senior Session . Portland Oregon Senior Photographer

Working with my class of 2019 Seniors this past Summer and Fall was a real highlight of my year. I mean, I'd say that I had things pretty together in high school, but then I meet these Seniors and feel like they are lightyears ahead of where I was. They are smart and hard-working and involved, and well, I'm getting a little tired just thinking about it all.

I feel like Seniors guys get a bad rap among photographers - there's this idea that they're super awkward and difficult to pose - and plenty of Senior photographers only work with Senior girls (or at least only share Seniors girls in their portfolios). I, for one, 100% DISAGREE. First of all, just about everyone's a little awkward in front of the camera without some decent direction and reassurance (ahem, yours truly, as exhibit A). And second, and maybe I just keep getting really lucky, but typically once they get confident with a few simple poses, the rest is easy and fun. Can't wait for another year of Senior guys (girls too)!

Enjoy some highlights from this Senior's Lake Oswego area session. Looking though my faves, I remembered that we shot the day after "leg day" for his Varsity soccer team. And call me sadistic, but I did get a tiny bit of a thrill from making him hold a squatting position slightly longer than was really necessary - "you just hold that riiiight there while I slowly adjust a few camera settings..." He was a good sport about it all, and it became a running joke throughout our session. And hey, maybe I've got another career ahead of me as a trainer. Or maybe not.

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