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Foggy Family Session at Cooper Mountain . Portland Oregon Family Photographer

Oh Oregon! You know I love you. Sometimes, though, the whole weather situation from about October through April can get a liiittle tricky. When I woke up this late-November morning, I was thrilled for DRY weather! And that day there was also thick, thick fog - I was in LOVE!!! It gave this family's photos an undeniable PNW vibe.

The truth is, things don't always go the way we plan. But often, with a bit of flexibility, and adventurous spirit, they can go even better! Grateful to this sweet family, they were a ton of fun to work with - and OMIGOSH their sweet pup! (He wisely burrowed under all of their coats when he didn't need to be in the frame.)

Check out this fabulous foggy Fall family session!

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