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Roxborough State Park Family Photo Session . Denver Family Photographer

We're baaaaaaaack! After three years of amazing highs and admittedly a few lows (Covid lockdown in a foreign country, for example) abroad in Munich, our family has returned to the United States and chosen Denver, Colorado as our new (and presumably forever) home. I had a ton of fun living in Europe and miss it like crazy. That being said, I also have a new appreciation for generously-sized parking spots and household appliances, and have rekindled my passion for every set of seasonal treats at Trader Joe's.

It was such a delight to branch out photography-wise to travel and adventure photos and I'm now combing back through to figure out which are my most favorite and worthy of wall space in our new home. (Maybe that can be a future blog post, if I can ever make up my mind.). So while I've been MIA as it pertains to website updates, blogging, and business-running. I've used my camera a TON while we've been abroad and can't wait to get some new faces and Colorado places in front of it.

Just a few miles from our new home is the GORGEOUS Roxborough State Park and somehow in the chaos of relocation we managed a quick evening up to the park to get ourselves a set of holiday-card worthy photos. Working with a tripod and a timer is by no means ideal, but they managed to serve their purpose. I even handed the camera off to my kids at one point so that Mr. Amanda Evans Photo and I could get some shots together. And I let the kids direct my posing for a few solo shots of yours truly, which ended up being the most fun of all!


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