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Seattle Family (Travel) Session at the Beach . Portland Oregon Family Photographer

What a joy to see this family again! I always have a ton of fun venturing back up to Seattle to see some of my favorite Washington clients (my family moved to PDX 18 months ago). I have to admit, one of the things that I miss the most about Mukilteo, where we lived, is being so close to the water. An evening at the Lighthouse Beach was practically therapy for me. Ooh, just thinking about it is making me all nostalgic. Dang, I need a trip to the beach now.

Besides the beach, this session included LOTS of my other favorite things - in addition to DARLING kids and their ADORING parents - there was dancing on the beach, rock throwing, eskimo kisses, climbing up driftwood, and MORE! Family sessions where we play as much (or more) than pose make for my favorite family photo session galleries.

Here are about a ZILLION highlights. Honestly, narrowing faves down from this gallery was well near impossible.

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